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Lush forest at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, WA

Lush — Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, King County, Washington, United States
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First time at Ocean Beach pier

I visited Ocean Beach pier yesterday evening – for the first time since I’m in San Diego, which is over four years now! I was at nearby Sunset Cliffs a number of times, and also at the dog beach with Toni (just one time, as she didn’t like it – too many other dogs around, she’s not comfortable with that, lesson learned), but never to the quite iconic, T-shaped pier. So yesterday, I finally went there – in particular because there was a high surf advisory in place for the San Diego coastal areas, and I wanted to see some good waves (remembering one particular photo by my friend Douglas).

I quickly found the tide pools south of the pier and despite being veeeery slippery I found them just too good to not try and get a photo of them with the pier in the background. Just when I had an initial exposure (see first image in the gallery below) I got splashed real good by two sneaky waves in a row. I stayed and waited for sunset despite being pretty wet all over – luckily, I was wearing my hiking boots which I had treated just two days prior, so my feet were warm and dry, which is the most important thing. The sunset came, and was surprisingly colorful! Here are some quick impressions. I hope you like them.

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Tabletop Reef in Blue

Impressions from my December 1st inspection of Tabletop Reef, a day before the first useful Winter rains arrived in San Diego. Most of the rock structures are still pretty much submerged under the sand. I was quite disappointed by that at first, but once I started looking at what was available, I found myself “in the zone”, or whatever it is called.

The colors were really quite blue that evening – I made the photos around sunset (began just before, and utilized the light as good as possible). To give you an idea – the color temperature of daylight is around 5500K, while I’ve adjusted the color temperature of the final edits is adjusted to something between 7500K and almost 10000K, depending on the image. And they’re still pretty blue.

Are you interested in a print? Please find more information here and contact me. Prints are NOT watermarked, of course.

Beach Art

From a recent visit to South Cardiff State Beach. I practiced making photos with the camera facing straight down on the tripod (after my first attempts). I kind of like these three, showcasing nature’s beach art. The second one in the middle is my favorite.

Wilde Gutach Triptych

Three more images of the Wilde Gutach creek near Hexenloch (“witches hole”) in Simonstal, Baden-Württemberg, from our Germany trip in May/June this year. Processed with somewhat muted colors in a low-key like appearance.

November News

Carrizo Badlands above Canyon Sin Nombre, Coyoto Mountains Wilderness/Southern Anza Borrego.

Endless Badlands — Canyon Sin Nombre, Ocotillo, CA.
New in the Color Desert Landscapes gallery (click image to open).

November was a relatively slow month, photography-wise. With 126 images in the November folder, it’s been the slowest month of the year so far – but it went by so fast! I took the chance to go through some older photos and make additions to some of my galleries: Forest, Hinterland, Black & White Seascapes, Wandering Through The Fog, Chromasea and Coastal Close-Ups all contain new images. The Autumn gallery contains some new photos from our Sierra trip as well. Enjoy browsing these galleries!

Also, the desert hiking season has begun, and San Diego County finally got some good rain and the temperatures dropped nicely in the desert. The image above is from a hike that I did just yesterday, when the storm clouds dissipated over the desert as they moved east, after they dropped their precipitation load on the western side of the mountains. It was a surprisingly hazy and muggy day out there, and I’ve never experienced the desert so damp and humid. The somehow herbaceous and earthy smell of the landscape after rain was wonderful. It was fun exploring this particular place a little bit with my friend Joseph.

I’m looking forward to more desert hikes – I really began to miss the vast emptiness of the fascinating landscape, the silence and solitude. Stay tuned!

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Northwest Views

Above the clouds at Cuyamaca Peak, San Diego County

Northwest Views above the Clouds — Cuyamaca Peak, Descanso, California
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My photo of the month for November is from a sunset hike to Cuyamaca Peak (link to my blog post) in San Diego’s back country. I made this photo after sunset, when the dim light of the evening sky evenly illuminated the west-facing slopes.

As usual, this photo is available as a 36×24″ stretched canvas print for only $120 (plus shipping and tax, where applicable). Only three canvases are available at that price, and the promotion ends on December 8th or as soon as all three prints are sold. Consider decorating your home or office with my art, or giving the gift of photographic art for Christmas! There won’t be another chance to buy at this price.

Plant Stains on Concrete Sidewalk

During a walk with Toni I noticed these interesting stains on the sidewalk. It was a day or two after some rains had passed through the area so I assume the stains are from some dried seeds or other plant parts that got slowly soaked by the rain and eventually dissolved. Just out of curiosity and because they attracted my eye, I made a couple of cellphone photos. After massaging the images :) to bring out more color and structure (and posting them to Instagram) I liked them so much that I returned with the “real” camera to get proper high resolution photos.

I tried to stay close to the cellphone photos by using a 35mm prime lens (which about equals the focal length equivalent of the cellphone), and pointing the camera straight down. Unlike the careless “snapshooter” attempts with the cellphone, using a tripod was absolutely necessary since the sidewalk needed to be in the shade for even exposures without dappled sunlight falling through the trees. Pointing the camera straight down with a moderately wide angle lens on a tripod, it became a fun exercise in avoiding having either the tripod legs or my own feet (or both!) in the frame. I hope you like the results as much as I do.

25 second self-portrait

Long exposure self portrait

25 second self portrait at Oceanside Pier, Oceanside, San Diego County, California, USA

A photo from September 2011 – when the marine layer ate the sunset once more (it’s kind of famous for doing that to photographers;-) I channeled Nathan Wirth and tried a long exposure self portrait. It went quite well I think – I managed to hold almost entirely still for the entire 25 seconds of the exposure.

Mountain Panoramas from the Past

I made these photos during a hike in late October 2008. When I recently browsed through these older folders, looking for a specific image, I noticed that I had two sets of two images each, made from the same position, with considerable overlap. Back then, it never occurred to me to stitch them together – which is quite obviously what I did now. Mountain panoramas somehow work particularly well. They seem to be a more natural representation of the sweeping views one gets from high upon a mountain top. Here, the final stitch and crop nicely fits the classic 16×7 panorama aspect ratio. I absolutely love the results!

Click on an image to open it in the photo viewer, with more information about what you’re seeing.

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The Third Word: Intimate

Continuing in my “five words” series of posts, I’m adding the word “intimate” to the list today. It’s actually one of the words that I’m most sure of. When I first picked up photography in 2006/2007, I was convinced that I lived in the wrong part of the world for landscape photography. Seeing all the grand vistas and magnificent scenery from around the world, Germany seemed like a pretty bad spot to make “epic” landscape photos. Germany (and Austria, and Italy) have pretty few areas of true wilderness – it’s an old, cultivated landscape except for the most rugged areas of the alps, at high elevations.

What I did find were intimate landscapes, the “little” scenes in forests, along rivers and creeks, ponds and lakes. And I grew pretty fond of them. Today, I am not sure anymore whether intimate landscape photography was a choice I made just by these circumstances. Rather, I think my photographic eye has always been attracted to the beauty that lies in the small and anonymous places – I needed to adjust it of course when I moved to Southern California, but I found my subjects here as well. In the mountains, the desert and the back country. I selected some of my favorites for you in the gallery below (color photos only, this time!). I hope they illustrate my choice for the third word nicely, and that you like them.

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