I admit it. I think Flamingos are pretty ugly birds. Sorry, Flamingo lovers. Let me add that, from a certain angle, they can look actually cute in their ugliness. I think it has mostly to do with their bills. And it’s not the Flamingo’s fault, it’s how Mother Nature (aka Lady Evolution) designed them, I know. At the same time, their color, their long necks, and their movements are simply astonishing. I made these photos in December, and only recently found myself detached enough from actually seeing the birds to take the freedom of a more artistic rendition.

The bird in these images was cleaning itself, shoveling water over its feathers with the bill – its long legs were under water, and the whole animal appeared unusually flat. Choosing a wide, panoramic format seemed natural, and almost like the only choice. I wanted to enhanced the somewhat abstract appearance, and the moment I saw how the radial blur/distortion towards the edges stretched the birds neck and its tail feathers, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

I am fully aware that the three frames are fairly similar, but to me, they’re so very different, I couldn’t force myself to pick just one. Here’s what I see: Flamingo 1 is probably the most interesting one overall, but I see the aforementioned “ugly cuteness” in Flamingo 2, while there’s is this weird “mean ugliness” in Flamingo 3. You see? I couldn’t possible pick just one. :) I hope it makes sense.

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