Here, take it!

This is an experiment. Or maybe an exercise in letting go? This photo seems to be popular in certain circles. I find (cropped) copies of it online all the time – with a bible quote over the image. For a while I’ve been chasing them down with DMCA takedown notices, but some of the copies are simply out of reach for that, so I have to let them be anyway. (the funny thing is of course that it is Christians who do that – whatever happened to Thou shalt not steal?)

And I just don’t want to be bothered by that anymore, so maybe it’s time to let go? I’m releasing this photo to the public with a “CC0” Creative Commons license, on “Unsplash” – go ahead and grab the full resolution file from there and do whatever you want with it. Commercial, without credit, turned upside down and inside out, it doesn’t matter. (Yes, Getty even could take it and sell licenses to it – a hint…). CCo essentially means that I’m waiving my copyright, and putting this photo into the public domain. It’s yours. It’s everyone’s. Take it. I’ve made this decision, so I’m cool with it.

That applies to this photo only, of course. I will continue to defend my copyright as much as possible for all other photos. I am no brand ambassador, I don’t sell workshops and videos and you won’t find any amassed amounts of affiliate links or ads on my website either. I have no daytime job or pension to support any Creative Commons tomfoolery on a regular basis.* :-}

And I’ll continue tracking this photo online, just to see if anything will happen with it, and what, and where.

Crepuscular rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm in Spring. Chiemsee near Feldwies, Bavaria, Germany. April 2010.
Crepuscular rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds after a storm in Spring. Chiemsee near Feldwies, Bavaria, Germany. April 2010.

*) just another observation… it’s always only those who do not (strive to) make an income primarily from their photos who seem to generously give away their images, endorse Creative Commons, blame copyright watermarks for “destroying the entire photo”, and so on…

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