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An Efficient Digital Workflow

Working with digital photographs means that we’re working with more, way more images than ever before. Digital photography allows us to work scenes more thoroughly, try different exposure settings, experiment with compositions, angles, techniques at no additional cost except time – and time is the most precious thing we have. Managing these images in an efficient workflow is essential to not get “lost in data” and use our time most efficiently to get results from our photos.

You’ve been to an awesome photography workshop. Or on a road trip. You rose at 4am on your vacation every day to make photos while your family was still fast asleep. You’re back home with 500 new raw files. Now what? Where do you start? How do you assess them, cull and edit, create a selection, refine it, ultimately publish the pictures? I can show you a systematic approach and a clear path in Adobe Lightroom that will make your post processing more effective and enjoyable.

Post Processing beyond the Basics

I am convinced that developing digital photos on the computer is an integral part of the art of photography today, and I know of the new challenges and riddles on that path. But I still enjoy every minute of it. Let me share my excitement for digital photography, post processing and the digital workflow in Adobe Lightroom with you.

Beyond the basics, developing your photographs in the digital darkroom is not just a question of how, but much more so of what. Identifying what you need to work on “in post” is key to photographs that clearly convey your own, personal photographic vision.

Building a Digital Archive

Good archiving begins right when you import your photos! And with so many photos on our hard drives, it’s essential to spend some extra time on the organizational aspects of building a useful digital archive. Lightroom is a fantastic tool to manage our digital photo assets – if you enrich your photos with good metadata (like keywords). I can show you how to streamline your workflow and track your progress. You’ll never return to a folder on your hard drive again wondering about the progress of any photo.

Individual Help

If you need help with organizational tasks around your photo collection and Lightroom I can help with:

  • Deciding whether you should have one single or multiple Lightroom catalogs
  • Reorganizing your photos & cleaning up your photo archive
  • Integrating Publish Services into your workflow
  • Establishing best practices for backup

I worked for over 10 years in IT before becoming a photographer, and I’ve been a “geek” for much longer. I know my way around computers. I can help. Contact me.


I’m using Adobe Lightroom since version 1 in 2007. I manage my entire landscape & nature photo archive in Lightroom, in a single, well-organized catalog. I process most of my photos in Lightroom, and Lightroom alone – I’m a prolific photographer, with around 1000 blog posts online here now, and I need an efficient way to work with my photos. Lightroom does that for me, and much more.

Since 2016, I teach Lightroom classes for the Sierra Club Photo Section, about both the digital workflow and photo organization, as well as developing photos using Lightroom. I’ve taught over 80 students that way already.

In addition to classroom workshops, I offer these services on an individual basis – no two photographers are alike, and it will have the most impact if we’re working together on your photos, your workflow, your image archive. If you think we’re a good fit, are keen to grow your own photography and think you could gain from my experience and knowledge, please get in touch to talk about details.


My price for Lightroom tutoring and help is $75 per hour for on-site sessions; for on-line lessons (when possible), the rate is $60 per hour.  For more complex and time consuming work, like migrating and consolidating Lightroom installations, multiple catalogs, photo archives, I offer a 10% discount on 4 or more hours, and a full-day (8 hours) discount of $100.

I also offer a “Quick start to Lightroom” package, two hours with two sessions each (can be on different days, which I actually recommend), for a discounted flat rate of $250 (in person) / $200 (on-line). The first two hours are about Lightroom basics & organizations, the other two hours about the Develop module. You will learn a lot in these two sessions and it will cover everything you need to get started with Lightroom.

Please contact me directly to set up an appointment. You can also find & book me through Wyzant.


Some feedback from participants of my Lightroom classes:

“Thank you very much, Alex. It was a great class. You pictures are awesome and you are a very talented instructor” (Marina B.)

“Thank you for the learning experience today! It would have taken me days, weeks or forever to stumble through all that you showed.” (Steve S.)

“Thanks so much for a terrific workshop. I am delighted with all the new LR tools you introduced me to, as well as the ones you reminded me that I already know. It was clear, well-presented and organized, and completely helpful!” (Janie A.)

“There is quite a bit I know about LR, but there is a whole lot I don’t know.  Now I know a lot more after today!” (Phil R.)

“[Thanks] for a really great class! My photos are a mess on my hard drive and I was desperate for a way to organize them. This class taught me just about everything I need to do that. This will make a huge difference in my ability to catalog my photos. Looking forward to getting the notes/slides so I can read up on a few things I wasn’t clear on (there was a LOT of information which is great), and go over the whole method because I’m going to adopt the one you taught pretty much the same way. Thanks again!” (Mike P.)

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge so unselfishly! You are a wonderful presenter, patient, willing to repeat a step and most of all very down to earth and approachable.  This is a wonderful combination that affords folks the ease of mind to learn something new and also the freedom to ask questions. Thank you for today!” (Gina S.)

“Thanks for a great class, Alex. I enjoyed it and learned a lot!” (Marsha K.)

“Thanks for a very informative Lightroom workshop today. Although there wasn’t enough time to cover everything in processing, you certainly succeeded in demystifying it for me – that’s half the battle. And I’m looking forward to receiving your notes. Please keep me on your mailing list for any upcoming photography seminars you have scheduled.” (Barbara W.)

“Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to taking another class to further explore the possibilities of the program.” (Marv S.)

“Thanks very much for the great workshop. I was sorry that I had to leave a little early, but I got a lot out of the workshop and enjoyed your teaching. I look forward to receiving your notes, and to a future workshop.” (Cathy H.)

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