Licensing Information

All photographs, videos and audio recordings on this site are copyrighted Ⓒ Alexander S. Kunz, unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved. Any usage outside of this site requires written permission or a valid license, obtained prior to the work’s usage:

Commercial Usage

If you wish to license an image shown here please use the Contact Form and tell me which image you’re interested in. Please provide as much information about the intended usage as possible, including:

  • usage (branding, advertising, online, print, decorative, editorial…)
  • desired size for online usage or print
  • location of the image (front page, interior page, print brochure, cover)
  • geographic distribution of the material where you would like to use my work
  • additional uses (social media etc.)

For evaluation and layout purposes, I can also send you a (watermarked) review copy in full resolution in advance.

Environmental Organizations, Public Agencies & Good Causes

I will happily support your cause with my photographs if I agree with what you’re doing. Please contact me.

Private Usage

I’m generally friendly towards strictly private and non-commercial usage on personal websites, weblogs etc. (that means no monetization whatsoever).

I do like to know if, where and in what context you intend to use my photos in order to decide whether I’m okay with it. Please be so kind and contact me before you use a photo. It’s only fair.

If you have any further questions about obtaining prints and licenses of my photos, please do not hesitate to contact me either.

Copyright Infringement

Please respect creators and their copyright. Creative works found on the internet are not “automatically free for grabs”, and that includes my photos. Violating copyright is not a trivial offense. Copyright infringement is strict liability. My works are registered with the United States Copyright Office (USCO). I track usage of my images through third party services and pursue copyright infringement through recovery services and legal partners.