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The biggest challenge for photographers is to organize and present photos. And this website contains a lot of them. To help you navigate the wealth of images and information, I’ve compiled some information on this page. The four main elements of my site are:

  • Portfolio Galleries, where you find themed compilations of images, organized by places or subjects. This is the tightest selection of high quality images. The portfolio galleries are also organized by Portfolio Categories – each category is represented by the thumbnail of the latest entry that was added to it, and contains multiple galleries.
  • Weblog, where I share photos from outings and hikes in a broader selection; news, ramblings, musings, writings, quotes; technical articles that are related to photography and Lightroom. The blog posts contain multiple tags (at the bottom), inviting you to browse and explore more for a certain area, style, topic.
  • Plant Portraits, a collection of native plant photo galleries, one for each plant, sorted alphabetically by their scientific name
  • Photo Archive, hosted by PhotoShelter, where all photos can be browsed and searched based on keywords, location, date, and more. Greeting cards and affordable prints can also be purchased directly from there.

With the menu (where you’ve found this entry already) you’ll be able to access the different section of the site easily.

If you have further questions on how to navigate this site, or wish to contact me for any other reason, please do not hesitate to do so by using the Contact Form, of course. :)


I’m using WordPress with the “GeneratePress” theme by Tom Usborne, together with the GP Premium plugin that extends its functionality. I chose this theme because of its flexibility, versatility, because it is well-maintained, and because of the outstanding support that Tom and his team provide.

I’m using custom post types with their own taxonomy (categories and tags) for portfolio items and plant portraits, separating them from normal posts, and making them more organized than regular WordPress pages. What’s important is that the custom post type functionality is not bundled with the theme. In case that I should ever wish to switch themes, I won’t lose my portfolio galleries and plant portraits (and can convert them into pages or posts, if necessary).

By now, I’m also using a surprisingly large number of other WordPress plugins. One that stands out but works quietly behind the scenes mostly is an incredible helper in maintaining the galleries: Media Library Assistant (MLA) by David Lingren. Another very helpful plugin is WP/LR Sync, by Jordy Meow — it allows uploading and synchronizing photos from Lightroom Classic to WordPress.

My site is hosted with GreenGeeks. You can find out more about “green” web hosting and how GreenGeeks offsets their carbon emissions on their website. If you choose GreenGeeks for your hosting, doing so through this affiliate banner will earn me a commission:


I do not monetize my site with ads. I rely on print sales, license sales, tuition fees and donations to earn money through my photography and knowledge.

However, when you use the following referral links, these companies give me something back in the form of a little reward, like an extra free month of their service, etc. — when you use these links, you will benefit too, from an extended trial period, a free month, or similar.

Thanks for your support!

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