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Along Highway 395

After our morning visit to McGee Creek, lunch and a nap we drove north on Highway 395 to check out two “fall color highlights” (according to the brochure that we had) – Lundy Canyon and Dunderberg Meadows.Dunderberg Meadows is an open area of a sloping meadow filled with beautiful stands of aspens. The drive up towards Virginia Lakes Resort was most enjoyable. The most fascinating thing is how aspens look so incredibly beautiful with their yellow and orange fall colors when they’re backlit — and how incredibly dull they look when the sun hits them frontally!

We also visited Lundy Canyon, which is rather secluded – the beaver ponds are really cool, but photographically, the place didn’t really speak to me too much – there’s so much visual clutter everywhere, the only choice I saw was to try and isolate single subjects, and I have to admit this wasn’t all too successful…

The real highlight lies between these two locations: the Mono Lake Vista Point, just south of Conway Summit. The views of Mono Lake and its basin are absolutely grand. I could just stand there and take in these expansive views. A landscape so wide and open, with few signs of human influence, is still something exceptional to my eyes, and probably always will be.

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