Alpenglow (Diptych)

A diptych of Alpenglow on the Loferer Steinberge range in Austria. I just stumbled over this old, old set of images. They’re from November 2008, which was my second year “into” photography with a DSLR (and my second camera body already, the unique Fuji Finepix S5pro* – too bad Fuji stopped making DSLRs based on Nikon bodies!).

We were just 15 minutes away from our car, on an out-and-back hike to Fellhorn, a grassy peak that overlooks the valley of Waidring in Austria. It was one of my favorite hikes, the total elevation gain/loss (except for the first part, up from the staging area and parking lot to Durchkaseralm, and the last part, from Straubinger Haus to Fellhorn peak) is low compared to other hikes in the area because it’s possible to drive up to the staging area on a toll road.

It was late in the year (November) and the hike was a welcome escape from the drab of late autumn in Germany and Austria. I didn’t know anything about panoramas and stitching back then – today, I would capture more images with enough overlap (and vertical of course;-) to stitch them into a panorama at home (or rather, have Photoshop do that for me). Back then, I just thought that I need to show these two images together, side by side. :)

*) it sported a whopping 13.5 stops of dynamic range back then already, which was absolutely unique, and precisely the reason why I bought it – the limited dynamic range of my Nikon D70s drove me absolutely nuts. :-P

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