Always Hospital Point (5 photos)

On a recent evening visit to Hospital Point during low tide I was quite intrigued by the colorful and fine details in the tide pools. Photographing them the way I wanted would’ve been possible with my wide-angle tilt-shift lens actually, which focuses really, really close and allows better depth of field control with the tilting mechanism. The only problem was that I didn’t have that lens with me. :-)

So I returned the following day, hoping the ocean would be somewhat similar during low tide, but guess what… just a foot of difference in tides is enough to change everything. The spot where I saw the beautiful details in the tide pools was completely inaccessible because waves constantly washed over it. A bit bummed I walked around and satisfied my desire to work the 24mm T/S lens with some other details (that are nowhere near as exciting, but I still like the results – maybe I’m just in love with the technique that made these photos possible though;-)…

The tide was coming further in and the rocks in that very spot are particularly slippy. As it was getting darker I moved to a saver area, reverted to my usual ultra-wide-angle zoom to make some more seascape photos. It was between storms and almost completely overcast, which helped to bring out the vibrant greens of the moss on the rocks (more likely it’s algae not moss, but calling it #greenmossrock is a bit of a running gag among photographer friends for a while now). I’m particularly happy with how “Ocean Ocarina” turned out.

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