April Fools and Photos

Spring at Hollenbeck Canyon, Jamul
Precious Green — Chaparral hills and fresh green grass at Hollenbeck Canyon, Jamul, California, United States.
An addition to the “Hinterland” gallery with back country images.
You can buy a fine art print of this photo on Fine Art America/Pixels.com. (prints are not watermarked, of course.)

April didn’t begin so great. Right on April 1st, I had a camera defect (described in detail on my WordPress.com blog). While nothing major broke, it was not just an April fools prank either unfortunately, and a nuisance. Then the car needed service – which is always unpleasant, because you’re spending a lot of money, but can’t see or tell any difference when it’s done! And a lot of other little annoyances that just kept adding up, being a drag, and requiring to be dealt with. Almost like real life – but why does it always have to come bundled up, all at once? Or is that only happening to me? :-)

I still managed to get out with the (backup) camera a bit, and I wrote a surprisingly high amount of blog posts (over on WordPress.com, once more: April archive page 1, page 2, page 3 – I hope you see why I moved blogging to a separate site;-). What’s published in the blog posts, photo-wise, is also – mostly – reflected in the new and updated galleries:

  • Wandering Through The Fog – an all new gallery with black & white photos of landscapes and scenery in fog, mist, and the clouds (the sister gallery to The Veil, which contains color photos)
  • Winter – yes indeed, I added new Winter photos! Kind of hard, living in Southern California… :)
  • The Eastern Sierra gallery has been removed. With images from only one single visit, the contents were just not compelling enough. Some images have been added to the Monochrome Mountains and Mountains in Color galleries instead. All in all, much cleaner, better. I like. :)
  • I wanted to keep the Olmsted Point Gallery from Yosemite, but I moved it to a normal “gallery type” post (yep, you can browse by post type now!) in the Blog/News section. I like the first three images best – but that’s just not enough to justify a portfolio gallery. Refining, refining…
  • Even California Trees in Squares, the gallery that will always only contain nine photos, has received an update. :)
  • California Monochrome was updated with new images as well
  • And you probably saw the April photo of the month, and thus know that the Cottonwood, Lake Henshaw gallery has been updated too. :)

Right now, we’re experiencing “Santa Ana Weather” – strong, dry and brutally warm offshore winds from the desert suck the humidity out of the air and everything. They make temperatures soar, and break 90 year old records for this time of the year right now. It will hopefully end this weekend, and we’ll get some cooler temperatures from onshore winds again, bringing back the marine layer and maybe some mornings with dense fog. I still have locations like Torrey Pines in dense fog on my bucket list! You’ll see if it worked out here or on the social sites where I’m sharing my photos (see links below). Until then, have a great day, and enjoy the month of May!

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