April Summary

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Here’s the monthly summary of all that has been going on around my photography and here on this website for April. It has been a fairly busy month for me, with three highlights, below:

Carrizo Plain National Monument

First, there were two more visits to Carrizo Plain National Monument (and thus, lots of photos that I’ve yet to catch up on). I cannot emphasize just how unique and precious this place is – even more so in the light of recent actions by the current administration in the White House. And I hate to bring politics into my photography, but the vile, spiteful, ignorant and questionable executive order to review 20 years worth of National Monument designations demands the strongest opposition.

Every National Monument has been designated for good reason, and most of those designations have their roots on a very local level – a process started by people who care deeply about these lands and places. Now Carrizo Plain National Monument is especially dear to my heart, and I urge you to step up and help protecting it, together with all other National Monuments that the current secretary of the interior has been “ordered to review.”

Because if this was a democratic process where people got their say with a vote, there’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that all of the now threatened National Monuments would continue to exist as they were. And with that, on to more pleasant things.

Promotion to benefit the San Dieguito River Park

My “photographic hike from coast to crest” presentation on April 15th at the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead for the San Dieguito River Park was well received, and I’ve also set up a promotion to benefit the San Dieguito River Park. Feel free to use the discount code to purchase prints, and read up on the details of the deal, on the San Dieguito River Park Promotion page.

Lightroom Class at MOPA

Last not least, I taught my first class about photo organization, workflow and post processing with Lightroom for the San Diego Photo Club at the MOPA in Balboa Park.

Teaching a classroom was a new challenge for me since I’ve only taught individually so far (see Mentoring & Teaching if you’re interested). The class sold out, the room was packed, and I’ve received wonderful feedback from the participants. I’m already excited about part II in November!

Photo of the Month

My photo of the month for April 2017 is – unsurprisingly – an image from Carrizo Plain. I chose it because I remember this particular sight and my thoughts so well: I was chatting with two hikers from Arizona while looking back down to these soft hills and the ravines, all blanketed in wildflowers. The color transitions between purple, white, yellow and green were so surreal, and I thought (and said) something like: “Man cannot possibly imagine anything like this – and yet here it is, and we’re looking right at it, and it is like a fantasy straight out of a dream that has become reality.”

Fields of wildflowers like out of a dream blanket the hills of the Temblor Range, Carrizo Plain National Monument, California, April 2017.
Fields of wildflowers like out of a dream blanket the hills of the Temblor Range, Carrizo Plain National Monument, California, April 2017.
I have more photos from Carrizo Plain available as prints in my store, if you’re interested.

Leftovers & Updated Blog Posts

The following blog posts have been updated with more photos, or added to the site and dated back in time to reflect when they were made, so that they appear in the correct spot in the monthly archives on the site (like so: April 2017:-). Not many this months, but I’d be pleased if you’d take (another) look at these posts to see the updated photos:

Blog Archive Additions

There’s just this one here: Day Trip through a late Winter Storm with 7 color photos from March 2012 – a good example on why I’m adding these archive posts, actually: I’m so glad I have these photos as a visual document of past winters and early spring. Southern California had a wetter than average winter, but March 2017 and April were unfortunately almost entirely dry, with no rain or snow.

Archive Additions

Photos that have been added to the archives which do not appear in blog posts or portfolios are in the gallery below. Not much going on here either this month, I know!

And that’s it for April! Thank you so much for taking the time to look and read if you made it all the way down here! See you around, and I’d be happy if you keep following along.

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