April Update

April was a relatively slow month, photographically – my April folder in Lightroom contains 186 images right now – and that still needs some serious culling. Spring is almost over in the lower elevations of San Diego County and the green meadows and hillsides are beginning to return to their muted dark chaparral greens and bright beige-gold of dried grasses.

Surprisingly, the most enjoyable outings were desert hikes in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness in southern Anza Borrego (multiple posts: 1, 2, 3, 4) – somewhat late for my personal “desert hiking season”, but there was a pleasant “late season disturbance” (translation: real weather;-) that brought rain to San Diego County west of the mountains, and cooler temperatures and wind to the desert. I was glad to be able to take advantage of it – somehow I have the feeling I wasn’t out in the desert enough this winter and spring…

These new photos, as well as my ongoing efforts in building the blog post archive, have led to some portfolio additions in the following galleries: Slot Canyons, Malpais/Badlands, Desert Minutiae, Seascapes Monochrome, Desert Florals – have a look!

Also, I’ve added a new tag “Singles” for all those photos that I want to show which stand on their own and don’t really fit into any particular themed blog post or gallery. Nice to find a drawer top put things into, and finally give them a home and better exposure! ;-)

I’ve been building the blog archive for Lake Hodges in April (not done yet, but it’s a start). This has even led to additions to the Cryptic Writings portfolio with one existing and two new photos! :)

Dead twigs sticking out of the waters of Lake Hodges, San Diego, CA.
Cryptic Writings VIII — Lake Hodges, San Diego, CA. April 2015.

The Laguna Mountains archive is also coming along nicely. The San Diego River Gorge is documented with further posts as well. The 4S Ranch blog posts are getting more too (with foggy mornings and flower macros;-).

For May, I’m hoping to see the “dreaded” marine layer return to our coastal areas (“May Gray”) for some relaxed morning outings when the sky is overcast. ;-) I wouldn’t mind some dense fog in our valleys either! Lets hope it will commence. See you around…

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