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August 2011 Throwback

August 2011 wasn’t a very active month, photographically, and for my throwback series, it almost isn’t worth mentioning… but since I started doing this, I should at least follow through for a little while. ;)

Early in the month, I returned to the Laguna Mountains for more night photography. It was so pleasant at the end of July when I dabbled into time lapses for the first time that I brought Shuwen along — and then the temperatures dropped to 48°F (9°C) at night, up there! Needless to say, we didn’t spend time lying in the grass, watching the stars… :P

The full blog post with five photos is Laguna Meadows Under The Stars and I actually polished up the photos while I was reviewing the August 2011 folder. :) With Lightroom’s new Luminance masks and other techniques I didn’t have (or know) back then, this photo, developed from a single exposure of a very tricky light situation, is probably my favorite. There’s Indian Milkweed in there! :)

A few days later we went for a morning walk at Crest Canyon — one of the places along the coast where Torrey Pines grow outside of the preserve, so it’s possible to see those rare trees and bring a pooch! :) It was foggy, but not foggy enough and in August, whatever fog there is burns off really, really quickly anyway. The sole photo that I have online from that morning is this close-up, which might look familiar because it appeared in my recent rant, It’s The Plants, Stupid! :)

Because we still wanted to hike a little bit in the summertime, we drove up to Idyllwild and hiked from Humber Park to the Pacific Crest Trail and a little further. It was nice to explore a different area and the temperatures were absolutely tolerable. The number of photos that I found worth showing from that day is rather limited, though (it was good as a primer, because I returned later in the year, for a winter hike. This will be part of my December 2011 throwback).

Here’s Suicide Rock, getting its unfortunate name due to some folklore where unlucky young lovers leaped to their death, or something. It sounded like a variation of Romeo & Juliet to me. Also YES, if you wouldn’t know that this is Southern California, you’d totally think that this must be Yosemite, because of the granite. Which I didn’t know back then, because I hadn’t been to Yosemite yet. :)

Next there’s Lake Hodges, of course… and in mid August, we actually had a nice and foggy morning there, which resulted in a single, serene and “lonely” image — lonely in quote marks because I used this photo for an entry in the “Five Words” series of posts.

That was an exercise that I did a few years ago, to describe and define my photography. It’s fun and I’d recommend doing this if you’re a photographer. While I’m not sure whether all of my five words still fit, it’s fun to look back at it nevertheless. :)

And guess what? That’s the throwback to August 2011, already. I hope you enjoyed it, despite the brevity and small number of images. Cheers!

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  1. I remember that exercise and I think I tried it but don’t believe I could re-create my thoughts at the time. It may be time to do it again.


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