August Update

Hi there! August is over, and as I write this, I’ve really made almost no new photos this month. This would have been different if my plans to visit Yosemite National Park and do some day-hikes there had panned out, but first the Walker Fire caused a temporary closure of Tioga Pass Road from the east (and I wanted to do my day-hikes based out of Lee Vining), and then I caught a cold which struck me down for a couple of days. I really need some mountain hiking and by the time you read this, I hope to be up in the Sierra, somewhere!

So what’s been going on here on the site and around my photography?

New Prints available

  • Lots and lots of additions to my store site (run by Fine Art America) – check it out!
  • References and links to both Seen.By and PrintedArt have been removed. No sales on either site in >12 months, it’s time to move on (shoppers in the EU who are interested in prints please do contact me, I’m still working with Artflakes in Germany).

Portfolio Galleries

The “High Key” portfolio gallery is no more – it’s simply an archive page now. Adding the new archive page has brought more clarity again to what the portfolio galleries actually should be (and some of them are not what they should be;-). The “High Key” portfolio is one of the first “victims” – it’s just an appearance. Other more generic galleries will probably follow.

Other than that… I haven’t added many photos to the portfolio galleries this month. The focus was really on getting more images up to my print store. Here’s one of the few portfolio additions:

Four Aspens -- Lundy Canyon, Lee Vining, California, United States
Four Aspens — Lundy Canyon, Lee Vining, CA. October 2014.
New in the “Arbres Monochromatique” portfolio.

Blog Archive Additions

There have been plenty of blog archive additions, though! It was a “catching up with the Sierra Nevada visits” month for the blog archives. I’ve added plenty of blog posts and images from the area, see below:

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