Back from Germany (3 Photos)

I know, I know! Long time no post. We came back from a visit to Germany and it’s Black Forest region (that’s in the South-Western part of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg) Wednesday night and after running errands, doing the laundry and a lot of grocery shopping to refill our fridge I’ve begun sifting through my photos. For now, here are three cellphone images that I made while being there, and processed with SnapSeed, to share them with Facebook friends and followers.

We had a nice vacation rental apartment in the settlement of Simonswald, close to where my mother lives, and went on many day trips from there, to the Triberg waterfalls, Feldberg, Hohenzollern castle, the flower island Mainau at Lake Constance, and more.

We didn’t do as many hikes as I had hoped because of a major heatwave – with temperatures around 90F (35C), we opted for visiting some castle ruins and other attractions instead…

Still, the sheer amount of fresh green and wildflowers was overwhelming (compared to Southern California). The amount of grass pollen was overwhelming on some days, too – I had completely forgotten that I was allergic to them as I haven’t had any allergy symptoms for the last 3 1/2 years here in San Diego. :P

On the way back home, we got upgraded from Economy Class and center aisle to Business Class and a window seat – this was quite a treat since we flew over Greenland in daylight and without clouds, so I had the chance to capture some aerial photos of this incredible landscape with my camera (and somehow have the idea to visit Greenland stuck in my head now;-).

And once started making aerial photos I couldn’t stop of course, since our flight path continued over the tundra-like landscape of northern Canada and the Canadian Rockies – it was really one of the best long distance flights ever!

Stay tuned for more… :)

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