Best of Cellphone 2015 (15 photos)

In addition to my “regular” favorite photos from 2015, just like in previous years, I’m also presenting a small selection of my favorite cellphone photos from the past year.

I made a lot more photos with the phone in 2015 than I did in the years before (I kept 278 photos from 2014, but 870 from 2015 in my archive). Maybe that was because I switched to an iPhone – having a new phone with a better camera, and exploring new and different apps than what I was used to on Android sparked my curiosity and creativity. Cutting the selection down to only 15 photos was not easy.

Because I was primarily using Instagram to share photos made with the phone, a lot of the images are square cropped once more (and thankfully, Instagram finally dropped the arbitrary restriction to square format later in the year).

My goal for the near future is to find a way to show at least some of my phone photos (my Instagram feed is a rather silly mixture I admit, and I like it that way) throughout the year on a site that I control myself, instead of Instagram’s (Facebook owned) content silo*. I don’t want to include a regular stream of mobile photos here on my main site however, so I’m still looking for a solution for that.

Anyway, enough text, here are the photos! Click on any thumbnail to open the photo larger and browse the gallery in the slideshow viewer. Cheers!

*) or any other closed and fenced “social” or photo sharing platform that erodes the diversity of the internet for the sake of convenience and virtual shoulder-patting in the form of “likes” (and no, alternative platforms like August and Ello are not a solution either – perhaps not yet, but right now, they’re just a different variety of content silos that do not actually do much for creatives).

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All images and content © by Alexander S. Kunz, unless otherwise noted. No re-use without express written permission. Most images are available as prints and for commercial licensing. Please contact me if you’re interested. Prints and licensed images are NOT watermarked, of course.

Strictly non-commercial usage (ie. no monetization through ads, referral systems etc.) on private blogs and websites is allowed if proper credit and a back-link are provided in the form of “Photo by Alexander S. Kunz –“. Thanks!

2 Responses

  1. This is really a fine selection, and a great example of what can be done with a phone when it’s in capable hands. The new generations of phone cameras are marvelous instruments — I’ve been using nothing but my droid for about two years now and am absolutely loving what I can do with it.

    I agree about showing more on a site you control yourself rather than the sharing sites like Instagram. I’ll continue with IG too, but will likely do more with my own blogs.

    I love these Alex — it’s a different look and feel from the other work you do, and equally as good.


  2. I especially like “Coastal Live Oak Canopy” and “Scrub Oak Chaparral.” And, of course, Lee Vining Shell. Perhaps I’ll go back to cameraphone given my complete lack of time for any other photography these days…

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