Boden Canyon (7 photos)

Some impressions from another hike into Boden Canyon. This is a  valley, tucked in between the (privately owned) Rancho Guejito mesa and Orozco Ridge/Pamo Valley (Cleveland National Forest land, and property of the city of San Diego, respectively).

It lies east of Esconido and north of Highway 78. Hiking the entire length of the Canyon from the (now closed) Highway 78 trailhead is 11 miles (17.7km) out and back, and while the first half is somewhat strenuous because it provides only little shade, the second half with the dense growth of majestic oaks and lush green meadows is highly rewarding.

The area is wild. The old Orozco Truck Trail is overgrown with grass and only a single track trail for the most part, Poison-oak grows in abundance. The thought that most of Southern California’s back country between the coastal areas and the Pacific Crest/desert looked like this is hard to put into words. It is a hauntingly beautiful, quiet and peaceful landscape that transports the feeling of “how things should be like” when they are in… a balance, perhaps. I never felt quite that passionate about the cultured and orderly German landscapes. This appreciation of the wild, original landscapes has only begun to grow inside of me since I moved to Southern California.

The combination of the vivid, fresh green grass, the wild growth of trees and bushes, and the play of light and shadow on a lightly overcast day was too much to transport, combined into a single photo – hence the decision to take color out of the photographs.

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  1. These came out great! You found a way to capture the light amidst the clutter (chaos as you call it). I haven’t been able to “see” my photos this way yet.

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