Bristlecone Pine Detail (and a new gallery)

During our stay in Mammoth we traveled up and down along Highway 395 a lot, and also paid a visit to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains. I had no idea how remote the area was. The road from Big Pine starts to wind up into the White Mountains area and when you finally reach the turnoff for the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest it’s still another 12 Miles to the visitor center – on an even narrower, and even more winding road, of course.

So by all means this should have been a day trip and we only had enough time to leisurely explore the ~1 Mile long “Discovery Trail” (the shortest of the three trails that start at the visitor center). It was fascinating nevertheless. It was another mostly cloudless day with blue skies though and we didn’t want to wait past sunset in that remote area so I didn’t make a lot of (useful;-) photos*. Even the details of the ancient trees are quite fascinating (as you can see below) and I’m happy that this photo turned out as I had hoped for.

With this image, I started a new gallery “Tree Abstracts & Close-Ups” which finally gives a home to some of the photos that I have made over the years. The oldest picture in the gallery is from 2011 – I’ve always been quite fond of it but it never quite fit in anywhere. Together with some other similar images, this gallery is at six images total now, so rather small – but it’s a start, and a home for these photos to be enjoyed together. I hope you like them.

*) also, two German photographers – how embarrassing! – occupied the spot at the most photogenic tree and acted as if they owned the place; with two more photographers approaching that very spot for sunset, it was obviously far too crowded for my taste.

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