California Sagebrush Triptych

California Sagebrush (Artemisia californica, not actually a sage) is certainly one of the plants in the sagebrush and chaparral plant communities that has the nicest smell. It’s most fragrant in spring and early summer of course, when has plenty of its needle-like fresh green leaves (it looks a bit like a bright green and more delicate version of Rosemary then). Late in summer and into fall it is mostly dry – the elegant curves and lines of its fragile twigs are more apparent then.

All three photos hand-held with a 50mm prime lens. I like my morning walks to be quite casual, photograph-wise, but still have a “real” camera with me – cellphone photos rarely make me happy when I look at details like these. A full-frame DSLR is still a heavy and bulky beast of course, but using a (relatively) lightweight prime lens takes most of the inconvenience away and works quite well for me.

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