California Tower

I joined the San Diego Photo Club for an outing to Balboa Park. Collectively, club members bought out all tickets for one particular tour of the California Tower, in order to then be able to bring tripods and camera gear.

We were on the last tour of the day, in the afternoon. Since the Museum of Man closes at 17:00 the last tour of the day starts too early for the sun to be in a lower position, which would be more favorable for photos. And the weather didn’t really cooperate either – clear blue skies and no clouds, once more. Thanks, San Diego! ;-)

Nevertheless, it was a fun outing with a bunch of nice folks. Inside the tower, I enjoyed the historic photos that are on display, from which I learned that in the canyon where CA-163 is today there was a lake once, called Cabrillo Laguna (laguna is Spanish for lake). You can see the bridge on the left side of this photo:

California Tower View -- Balboa Park, San Diego, California
California Tower View — Balboa Park, San Diego, California. March 2016.
The dome in the photo is the California Building.
Wide angle panorama, 66 megapixel, format 16:10

I should have brought a longer lens though, to make more close-up photos from above. I think my favorite image from the day is actually this one:

Woman photographing a blooming tree at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.
Tree Photographer — Balboa Park, San Diego, California. March 2016.
A woman is photographing a blooming tree. Seen from the 8th floor of the California Tower of the Museum of Man :)

From a photography point of view, it’s probably ideal to do this early in the year when the sun sets earlier. And I didn’t actually bring a tripod and made only hand-held photos, since I didn’t want to haul the bulky thing up on the platform at the 8th floor over narrow staircases.

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  1. Funny, it never occurred to me that you could climb up there, but I guess that is obvious!

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