Carrizo Plain, Once More… (6 photos)

The place is irresistible. I was there for a third time. I finally approached the plain from the east on Hurricane Road, something I had wanted to do every since I first saw that road in April 2011, when we visited for the first time.

And after Peter & I hiked into the hills of the Temblor Range on our previous visit I felt the wanderlust, and wanted to see more. It was a clear and blue-skied day, and while I normally prefer the even light of overcast days, the bright direct sunlight and wildflowers are actually a combination that creates striking results – the colors just pop so much more!

The hike to the top of “Coloris Mons” (GPS log) was just ~4 miles (6.4km) out and back – but with a climb of almost 1500 feet (~500m). Some sections were pretty steep, and very dusty as well. One other hiker told me that she did not feel compelled to hike the trail with her family on the weekend because it was so busy with people, going up the trail like an endless line of ants. So she returned with her son on a weekday, and I was glad to be able to do so, too.

I’ll update this blog post with more photos later. Some of my Carrizo Plain photos are available as prints in my store and I’ll add more there as well – please have a look if you’re interested: Carrizo Plain Prints (link opens in a new browser tab).

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    1. That was my reaction when I first stood up on the Ridge above the hill where you parked your car and hiked up. It’s like there is a hidden world in the otherwise dry and barren hills, that only comes out on very special occasions…

  1. When were the pics you posted taken? Is it still good to go this weekend ? (I’m driving from San Jose)

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