Video: Tone Curve as Local Adjustment in Lightroom Classic v12

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Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) version 15 added the possibility to use the Tone Curve as a local adjustment with the Masking features. Since Lightroom and ACR share the same rendering engine, Lightroom can render those edits* even though it’s lacking the UI to add/edit them. Here’s how to use them, if you’re really, really desperate. 😉

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Emotional Content

Row of trees growing on a largely decomposed nurse log, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington; September 2022.

I just stumbled upon a news bit in which images, made by the Hubble and James Webb telescopes respectively, of the Eagle Nebula (M16) gas pillars known as the Pillars of Creation are shown side by side. I remember when I first saw the original image, with its unbelievable shapes and colors. It captivated me and fired up my imagination, of “space, the final frontier”, and all that. :)

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