Please Help Protect the Del Mar Mesa Preserve

Trail through gnarly Scrub Oak chaparral, Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, January 2017.

A developer (Cisterra) is trying to get a private piece of land that is surrounded on three sides by the Del Mar Mesa Preserve re-zoned to “industrial” in order to built a 450000 square feet office complex with 4/5/6 story buildings and parking garage on it. The thought that such a monster would intrude into the precious and unique Del Mar Mesa Preserve, which is home to vernal pools, old-growth chaparral, and rare plants, is simply horrible.

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Obituary for Three Oaks

The Beekeeper Oak along Highland Valley Trail, San Diego, California. January 2016.

During a recent conversation with writer, fellow oak lover & weather geek Robert Krier I realized that, in the few years (well, it’s more than eight already now) that I live in San Diego, I have already seen multiple beloved oaks that I’ve photographed wither and die. I don’t know whether they reached the end of their life span – Coast Live Oaks (Quercus agrifolia) can get up to 250 years old – or if the prolonged drought and dryness that plagues Southern California is to blame for the demise of these particular trees. Perhaps it’s a bit of both – and then add climate change, and the dreaded goldspotted oak borer (if you leave “gold” away you end up with the most fitting initials “SOB”).

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