Save the Carrizo Plain

I’ve previously mentioned the current threat to 22 precious national monuments and 5 marine national monuments which are “under review” after a presidential executive order. I am particularly passionate about saving the Carrizo Plain, and making sure that it remains protected in its entirety. I’ve been there multiple times and this vast, empty and unspoiled landscape is such a unique and special place. So I’m trying to focus my attention and efforts on preserving this particular National Monument. Continue reading

On the cover of Sunset!

Today while grocery shopping I spotted a Sunset (magazine) special “Summer Trips” and thought “Hey, I have a quite similar photo from Crater Lake!” – then I looked again, and recognized the distinct shape of the cloud in the distance. “Is this my photo?!” I thought and looked inside for the front cover photo credit. Continue reading

Frosty Morning (12 photos)

Morning frost in Southern California is quite obviously rather rare, especially at the elevations where most of its inhabitants live. :-) When the weather forecast promised a cold night with frost I was out early to enjoy the results. My friend Tracy joined me on one of my usual morning walks at Lake Hodges, together with little Toni, of course (who enjoys the cold weather tremendously as she’s getting older). Continue reading

Sikes Saturday Series

In 2017, the San Dieguito River Park has a series of programs at the historic Sikes Adobe farmstead each Saturday, running from January through April. I’m one of the speakers and while my appearance is still a ways out (on April 15th) the programs start in January, and are well worth a look for locals – not limited to but especially in San Diego’s north county inland, around Escondido and all along the San Dieguito watershed of course. :-) Please have a look:

Sikes Saturday Series of the San Dieguito River Park Continue reading

The woods are all right (4 photos)

In this post I’m speaking more as a naturalist than as a photographer – because I find the language that is used every day when we’re talking about nature increasingly irritating, and lacking an understanding of nature. And being in California, it has mostly to do with wildfires, and I wish we would change the way we talk about wildfires, and choose the words and phrases that we use more carefully. Continue reading

Here, take it!

This is an experiment. Or maybe an exercise in letting go? This photo seems to be popular in certain circles. I find (cropped) copies of it online all the time – with a bible quote over the image. For a while I’ve been chasing them down with DMCA takedown notices, but some of the copies are simply out of reach for that, so I have to let them be anyway. (the funny thing is of course that it is Christians who do that – whatever happened to Thou shalt not steal?) Continue reading

Dog Days: Summer Sale!

The time between July 23rd and August 23rd is called “dog days” (Hundstage) in Germany.
It marks the hot and sultry days of summer. For the duration of this time:

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The discount applies to the print price, not to materials.
(paper, frames, etc. are priced by Fine Art America and I have no influence on their pricing, obviously.)

Happy shopping, happy Summer!

Alexander. Continue reading