Thoughts on California Proposition 30

Hot-rod detail, Cardiff By The Sea, California; November 2010.

While this coming election makes a lot of choices really easy* there’s Proposition 30, on the California ballot: this is an environmental/climate related measure and simpy put, it would tax higher incomes (above $2 million annually) in order to help speed up the adoption of and transition to electric vehicles (via tax credits, charging infrastructure investments). A smaller amount of the collected tax would go towards wildfire prevention measures, and all that is bundled into some kind of “clean air” language. I guess that all sounds rather good?

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May 2012 Throwback

The landscape west of San Diego's Cuyamaca mountain range disappears in the incoming flow of marine stratus, seen from Cuyamaca Peak

May is typically the time for “May Gray”, when the shift to summer weather pulls the cool ocean air in over the landscape west of the mountains, and this inversion causes dense, low clouds to build — the marine layer. Some people refer to it as “the overcast” as well. We’re not seeing that much of it so far in 2022, unfortunately, just a bit more atmospheric haze. The weather was more typical ten years ago, in May 2012, and you’ll see some of that in the “throwback” for this month, below.

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