Posts that contains bits and pieces from “Behind the scenes” or “Behind the camera” as well as (obviously) more philosophical ramblings about photography are filed in this category.

Do we owe nature more truth in photography?

On a recent morning visit to Torrey Pines (State Natural Reserve) I saw a group of three young people walk out towards a little vista point. Upon reaching the vista point, the girl in the group mechanically said “wow” (without any audible punctuation mark, more like a half-yawn), and they turned around and walked back. They’re standing at one of the last places with somewhat intact maritime chaparral, and home of the rarest pine tree in the United States, and that was it? Continue reading

Chaparral Clematis (3 photos)

Last Sunday I joined a docent-led hike at the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve (SMER) – an open space that is normally closed to the public. Volunteers who lead hikes make it possible to see and experience this wonderful place. The hike went from the reserve’s south entrance down into Temecula Canyon, where Santa Margarita River flows nicely at the moment. Continue reading

Long Exposures at Tabletop Reef (2 photos)

I’m close to finishing the culling/editing and processing of my photos from December (three days with photo activities left). Here are two photos from a morning outing to the familiar tide pools at Tabletop Reef. Continue reading

Fall Morning at McGee Creek

We returned to McGee Creek on the second to last day of our Eastern Sierra vacation – I had fond memories of the place from when we first were there in October 2014, and I remember leaving with the feeling that there’s more there to see and photograph. Continue reading

Alabama Hills: awesome & silly

On the way back from our week in the Eastern Sierra around Mammoth Lakes we made a little detour into Alabama Hills, above Lone Pine. The place is famous for it’s interesting rock formations that have been a backdrop for quite some movies. One of the named roads is called “Movie Road” or “Movie Flats Road” and numerous information panels are placed arund the giant boulders to allow visitors to learn more about the movie history of the location. Continue reading

Home (explained)

In a recent blog post about photographic art I read the claim that more and more of it requires explanations and blurbs of text that give meaning to otherwise more or less incomprehensible and/or bad and/or mundane photos. Photos that are produced by art students who, with a fresh degree, want to make a name for themselves by creating avant-garde work that can only be identified as such with the proper explanation. Quite naturally, this got me thinking about my own photos. Continue reading

Here, take it!

This is an experiment. Or maybe an exercise in letting go? This photo seems to be popular in certain circles. I find (cropped) copies of it online all the time – with a bible quote over the image. For a while I’ve been chasing them down with DMCA takedown notices, but some of the copies are simply out of reach for that, so I have to let them be anyway. (the funny thing is of course that it is Christians who do that – whatever happened to Thou shalt not steal?) Continue reading

Tabletop Reef in Infrared (6 photos)

A visit to the tide pools of Tabletop Reef at Seaside State Beach (South Cardiff State Beach) was mandatory of course, when I had Shannon Johnson‘s infrared-converted Sony A7r to play with. :-) If you’re not a regular follower of my blog and photography – this is the coastal area that I photograph most often by far, as I often go there for walks with Toni and bring the camera*. Continue reading