My Favorite Photos from 2022

Cloud-capped Mount Saint Helens and pumice flats from Johnston Ridge, Washington; September 2022.

Once more, I’m following the “photographer’s end-of-year tradition” of picking some favorite images from the year*. Selecting the photos this year wasn’t easy… but was it ever, in previous years?! 2022 was a very active year, photographically, that’s for sure. As of writing this, my Lightroom folder for the year contains ~4500 photos, more than twice the amount of the 2021 folder.

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Laguna Crest Views Part 1: Color

Twilight at Garnet Peak, looking north to Granite Mountain and distant Toro Peak. Remainders of low-hanging monsoon clouds are cool blue, a few high clouds got a beautiful pink tinge. Laguna Mountains, California; August 2022.

This gallery combines ten more or less recent photos that I’ve made during my various visits to the Pacific Crest in San Diego’s Laguna Mountains (often called the Laguna Crest) and, except for the first two, mostly when I was trying in vain to get the shaft-of-rain-at-sunset photo that I mentioned in “My Monsoon Timing Sucks“. :)

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