Chiemsee, Clearing Storm

It’s good to have an umbrella. I was able to wait out a brief but heavy downpour on an afternoon walk with Toni along the shoreline of the Chiemsee lake at Feldwies, and as the sun defeated the clouds, I was treated with some wonderful crepuscular rays of light.

People call these rays of sunlight “god beams” – interesting, since it hints at old religions and beliefs that worshiped the sun as their god. Nowadays we know that the sun is a star about 8 light-minutes away from the Earth – but indeed, it is the giver of life. In the case of my photos though, I leave such interpretation to the viewer – the photos just are what the are: a lucky capture of a beautiful moment as the elements work together nicely, nothing more, nothing less…

I released the first image “April Skies” to the public domain on August 1st 2016, under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. It is available here on my website at a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels, for free. You may use the photo in any way you want. In my article “Here, Take It!” I explain why I released that particular photo for free.

My copyright remains in place for the other two images, “Rays and Ripples” and “Aten”, ie. you may NOT use them without my permission and/or a valid license

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