Christmas Eve Sunset at Hospital Point

Happy Holidays to all the readers of my blog and friends and followers of my photography, no matter what exactly you’re celebrating around the time of the Winter solstice, and when in particular. :-)

I’m saying that because December 24th, Christmas Eve, is “the” day (or afternoon/evening) when most people in Germany celebrate Christmas. In the United States though (and I think in much of the English speaking world in general), December 25th is the day – “Christmas Day” to be precise.

Since December 24th is an almost normal day here (“almost” except for the general shopping madness of course), I enjoy this new “freedom from Christmas” – and instead of priming and painting walls at the house, Shuwen and I took a break and went to the coast for sunset.

Winter storms and so-called “king tides” have washed an amazing amount of sand away from the tide pools, and a low tide revealed even more things on the beach that had previously been hidden. The rocks and tide pools at La Jolla’s Hospital Point were so amazingly clean, it was as if someone had washed the whole area. There was a lot to play with, photographically.

In addition to that, we’re in between two storm systems so we had interesting clouds in the sky and after sunset, and a couple of minutes with boldly colors as well. Winter sunsets are really the best sunsets down here in Southern California, and quite a few photographers took the opportunity to make photos today – I counted at least five tripods in my immediate vicinity – and one of them was fellow San Diego photographer Garry McCarthy, whom I hadn’t met for a long time (I’m curious to see what photos he came home with).

I guess we photographers are some strange folk – we all share the same passion, but somehow, we often prefer to tend to our craft alone. And that’s not so much because we fear “competition” but more because we’re seeking not just the satisfaction of making good photos – but also everything else that is involved. Working a camera, working the scene, being absorbed in the entire process, totally in the moment, just looking ahead a couple of seconds, trying to find out where that wave will be (and hopefully not getting soaked). It’s a temporary escape from everyday life… a meditation.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Sunset at Hospital Point”

  1. All 3 photos are really beautiful. I am glad that I got to meet you and be inspired by your photography in 2015 and I look forward to seeing more inspiring work in 2016.


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