Circumhorizon Arc (6 photos)

The “rainbow colored cloud” phenomenon that is sometimes called “Fire Rainbow” (a term that is total nonsense – it is neither a rainbow, nor has it anything to do with fire;-) is properly called a Circumhorizon(tal) arc – it just looks so wild and unruly and “not arc-like at all!” because it’s only visible with a certain type of clouds.

Cirrus clouds to be precise. And while I’m at it – it’s not cloud iridescence, and depending on where you live, it’s not exactly a rare phenomenon either. But seeing the Circumhorizon Arc in person is utterly mesmerizing, nevertheless – especially when the clouds are moving relatively fast, and the hole things seems to shift and twist and change its shape and appearance continuously.

We were hiking in the San Bernadino National Forest – I just couldn’t stop looking at it and make photos of it. However, this wasn’t really a large occurrence and I was glad I had my telezoom lens with me to be able to make these photos (all in a range of 120mm to 300mm focal length).

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