Cleaning Out The Vaults: 2008

My folder with the photographs from 2008 gets its “done” checkbox ticked. I have created a few blog posts with images that work nicely together from the remaining images that I liked (see section “The Links”, below) and then there are…

The Leftover Photos

I tried to be as hard on myself as possible when I evaluated the remaining “maybe” photos from 2008 and when I was in doubt, rather decided to NOT include the photo — it’s not like I don’t have more than enough photos here on this site already, anyway!

The first photo is the sole survivor (in the folder, I mean) from a walk on one of Toni’s forest “race tracks” to a little chapel in the woods at a spring that is said to have healing powers, in particular for the eyes (despite drinking that water, I’m wearing reading glasses nowadays, so I’m not entirely sold on that).

I was very tempted to turn this photo into a black & white but when I switched it back to color, all those greens were just to beautiful…

Next is another tree photo, from a hike in the mountains late in the year. The first snow would fall soon. I tried to give the image a rich and slightly dark appearance, like that of an old color transparency film. Despite its apparent “messiness”, I kept coming back to it and was always attracted to it:

And last not least, a landscape photo from another mountain hike — snow had already fallen at the higher elevations at this point. I have an entire blog post with black & white images from this hike online (Sonntagshorn in November) and it actually contains one or two black & white variations of the same scene, but I just could not bring myself to confining this color rendition to my local archives, only…

These aren’t all leftover photos, actually. I have a couple of them set aside for potential future use in a themed gallery, but what I have in my “work in progress” collections with those photos already includes more than just photos from 2008, so they can wait a little bit longer. Also, they’re of subjects that aren’t exactly at the core of what I usually photograph, and they’re really only worth showing when grouped together, so if those “projects” don’t work out in the end, the photos will just remain in my local archive, and that’s fine (there’s some Zen-related wisdom about letting go in there that I hope to have absorbed).

The Links

Following are some articles from 2008 that I added as part of this “2008 review” and back-dated to the date when the photos were made, to avoid flooding people’s inbox with notifications about new posts (because on some days, I’d add more than one).

Birches in Darkness

Okay, this one I didn’t date back because something new and different happened with the photos… but it’s a result of the review nevertheless. 😉

Birches in Darkness

Last Colors of the Season

These three, made only a few days apart, came together so nicely, it would have been a shame to not turn them into a “Small Set“. :)

Last Colors of the Season (Triptych)

Market in Sineu

The sheer variety of things that I photographed at the weekly market in the town of Sineu on the Balearic island of Mallorca, during a vacation in 2008, amused me very much, so those had to go into a separate gallery, obviously. Goods in bulk, sweets, wine and cheese and Serrano ham, underwear, art, antiques, and more!

Market in Sineu

And this is it. Just like cleaning out the vaults from 2007, it was a great exercise and, as I said, mostly one in letting go. As always, I hope you enjoyed the compilation, the text, and the photographs.

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out The Vaults: 2008”

  1. Seein the forest, tree, and cloud photos, it strikes me that the shock of going from there to San Diego must have been extraordinary! What a challenge, adapting to such different conditions.

    • Early on, it was definitely a struggle to re-train my eye and adapt my photographic vision to the landscapes of Southern California – but I also just looked back at November 2011, and there’s (still, or again) plenty of trees. :)

      Also, last night I dreamed that I had moved back to Germany, where it was snowing heavily in November (not that common, at least at the lower elevations) and in my dream, I proclaimed “that’s it, I’m moving back to Southern California!” xD

      • I missed this reply – what a funny dream! It goes to show how the mind is always turning things over and considering different possibilities. :-)


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