Colmar: Quartier Centre

During our vacation/family visit in Germany, we did a day-trip to Colmar, a charming little town in France, which lies just across the border to the west of Baden-Württemberg.

We first took one of the little tourist “trains” that take you through and around the historic center of the city to get an idea which of the landmarks we wanted to see later. It was fun and interesting, but actually a little bit long (plus, the car that pulled the carts was diesel-powered and the fumes were rather annoying). After this tour we had lunch, and then began to explore by foot.

The little alleys with the old skew-whiff houses are cute, the old churches are beautiful, but the real star are all the little bakeries and delicatessen stores, restaurants and cafes. We had coffee with a heavenly lemon meringue and cherry clafoutis in the afternoon, before we went for the barque tour on the river Lauch at La Petite Venise, to conclude the day.

Leaving the historic city center with our rental car in the late afternoon, after walking around for half a day was quite strange, as we went straight into the reality of rush-hour while driving through Colmar’s more modern suburban areas. The Quartier Centre is like an island amidst all this.


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