Columnar Basalt

When we visited Devils Postpile National Monument the light was pretty much “meh”. It is definitely an afternoon/evening location, when it is directly lit by the sun from the South and West. In the morning, when we were there, the basalt columns were in the shade, and the trees atop of it stood against a bright blue sky. Granted, it was a more “touristy” outing, taking the bus and all. :)

Nevertheless, with the fascinating basalt columns in the shade, I thought I might as well try and utilize the controlled contrast range and get some abstract photos from it.

My advice for visitors would be: take the bus all the way to Reds Meadows, and begin with the short downhill hike to Upper Rainbow Falls so that you’ll be there around noon or in the early afternoon (because the rainbow in the spray of the falls is best visible around that time; the hike can also be extended to the lower falls of course, but the area is pretty much in the open since a fire has devastated the forest – bring plenty of water, especially in Summer).

Take your time and enjoy the falls – don’t stop at the topmost platform, but continue the short but steep trail and stairs down to the riverbed and the base of the falls. Chill for the hike back. :) Don’t hike back to Reds Meadows though, but continue to Devils Postpile (uphill and longer!). Enjoy the monument in afternoon/evening light and make sure to also take the short loop trail that takes you to the top of the monument. From the monument, it’s only a short hike back to the nearest bus stop (bus service is from 7am to 7pm).

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