Coyote Mountains Slot Canyon

On my second attempt, I found the slot canyon below the “Domelands” area of the Coyote Mountains Wilderness. While it was cloudy and rainy west of the mountains and along the coast, it was mostly sunny in the desert, and we reached the canyon at a time when the sun already was or began to shine almost directly into it. The possibilities to photograph it were thus somewhat limited, but it was great finding it nevertheless.

Joe accompanied me once more and he wrote about his impressions in a blog post. I had carefully inspected the map once more on the evening before the hike and placed some waypoints in GaiaGPS to make sure we’d find it. This is surely the most remote slot I’ve been to yet – the hike out and back was over 9 miles, and there’s no way to make it any shorter. The slot itself is not very long, but once we reached it and saw its rough and unspoiled beauty, it was immediately clear that it was absolutely worth hauling camera, lenses and tripod out there.

The third image “Vortex” is my favorite of the set (looking straight up from one of the deepest points of the slot), and I’ve added it to my “Slot Canyons” portfolio gallery.

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