Cypress Cliff

I’ve spent the afternoon looking at some images from the two road-trips along the California coast in 2013 – one in May, and one in September. I’ve been to Point Lobos both times, and this is about the only color image that I truly like (I’ve had some images on my personal web log with my travelogs, but they’ve somehow never made it to this website, ahem).

The light was just right at that moment – the marine layer wasn’t low enough to give us an eerie-spooky setting, shrouding the lace-lichen covered trees in mist, so when it was beginning to burn off, and the sun was spot-lighting the landscape, it was the best we’d get that morning. The image has a ton of detail and maybe it isn’t working too well in this small, web-sized version, but what the heck, here it is. :)

Cypress Cliffs -- Point Lobos, Monterey, California, United States
Cypress Cliffs — Point Lobos, Monterey, CA. September 2011.

I guess the place didn’t really speak to me too well because I always felt pressed for time. On the first visit in May my friend Douglas dropped his camera, and having many days ahead of us we rushed to San Francisco to get a rental for him; on the second visit we had so much things to do and see ahead of us, I wasn’t really “there”, mentally. Some day, I need to make Point Lobos my only destination, and stay there for a couple of days to fully immerse myself into this weird, chaotic, complex and beautiful spot.

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  1. The highlights on the moss and lichen of the main tree – so nice.
    Ahhh….pressed for time. The curse of road trips and vacations. It’s a mixed bag. On the one hand you get to see lots of stuff because you’re moving. On the other hand you never feel you can stay any one place too long because you need to get to the next place, or get checked in to the next motel, etc. Our trip to the southwest was so BUSY. In the end, I didn’t mind. It was exhausting and I wanted to spend more time in certain places, but I got a good overview and learned a few place to revisit as singular destinations.

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