December Update

So what was going on in December? A lot, actually, and a good bit of it was not so visible and only behind the scenes, especially if you’re not following me on social media (links below), where I regularly post photos, links and updates.

Wild Coast Live Oak growth at Daley Ranch, Escondido
Oak Jungle — Daley Ranch, Escondido, CA
New in the “Forest” gallery (click to open).

First of all, I selected my personal top 10 photographs from 2014 and compiled them into a gallery. Phew! I’m quite happy with the selection and I have the feeling it’s a good representation of my work, taste, and what attracts my photographic eye. Have a look.

Also, new images have been added to the following galleries: Desert Minutiae, Cottonwood at Lake Henshaw, Coastal Close-Ups, Forest.

And I’ve begun building an archive of older photos (from the time before I had this website, and only shared my photos on Picasa Web Albums). That’s actually the biggest part of the news. These are blog posts (much in the style of what I’ve been posting lately), with a selection of images from a specific place, or small sets around little themes. And this is the direction that I will continue in 2015 for new photos as well. It’s a plan! :-)

My more or less frequent visits to South Cardiff State Beach and Tabletop Reef (links open the tag archives pages for the two tags and most of these posts contain a gallery with a couple of images) made the beginning. Point Loma also has a couple of entries already. More will follow, and I’ll be using my monthly updates to announce them. Enjoy browsing!

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