Domelands East Part 2

Here are the landscape & scenery photos from my recent hike in the south-eastern area of the “Domelands” in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness (part 1 contained some close-up/detail photos), through the beautiful nameless canyon to the wind-carved sandstone and the mud-hills of the Carrizo Badlands.

These photos are probably of a more documentary nature and won’t make it into any of my portfolio galleries – it’s just the variety of this particular part of the desert that is so astonishing that makes me feel the urge to share the photos with the world. :) Crumbling fossil reefs, mud hills, blue-gray granite, warm brown & soft sandstone cliffs… it’s an unbelievable jumble, mixture, conglomerate of different materials, shapes, forms. It is a landscape where one can’t help but think here and there that it is some unfinished work that has been abandoned.


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