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Domelands East

Last week we had a couple of cooler days in the desert – maybe the last ones where the temperatures stay below a pleasant 80F. In search of a slot canyon in the Coyote Mountains Wilderness/Domelands area that I haven’t photographed yet, Toni and I followed a route by Fred Melgert of to find it.

I hadn’t been to this south-eastern portion of the Coyote Mountains Wilderness before, and while I didn’t find the slot canyon, it was a worthy hike nevertheless. The canyon south of Reba Ridge is really fascinating – mud hills, fossil walls, sandstone, wind caves, everything comes together and collides in there. There’s something new to see around every corner.

It was a bright and sunny day, and once in the shade of the canyon I focused on the details. These are not the most spectacular photos for sure, but I hope they do give you an impression what is so fascinating about hiking in this dry, barren landscape.

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