At the Domelands (15 photos)

After meeting Joe for the first time at Hollenbeck Canyon it was my turn to pick a place for our second outing together. We went to the Coyote Mountains Wilderness area in Southern Anza Borrego and hiked to a place called “Domelands.” I had previously been to the Coyote Mountains, but back then we didn’t make it up to this particular area after our slot canyon hike. From the Domelands, one has the most spectacular views over the Carrizo Badlands, and that’s something that has long been on my list of things to do, see and photograph. Joe hadn’t been there either so it was something new to explore for both of us. It was a day of rain in San Diego and that usually means great clouds and a nice play of light and shadow over the desert, since the mountains to the west block most of them.

What it also meant was that overnight, a little bit of rain had indeed reached the desert. Now the first part of this hike begins in some mud hills on the east side of Coyote Mountains, and within minutes, heavy mud was sticking to the soles of our shoes as we began to walk uphill. I felt embarrassed that I had picked this place and our second photo hike together started with such a mess. Joe didn’t mind however, and in retrospect, it was good to know that. :)

The sticky mud made the hike more strenuous since it was piling up on the underside of our shoes, until it weighed what felt like two pounds before it fell off! Thankfully, the last and steeper part of the hike is on rocky soil, and when we reached the Domelands, we were rewarded with the above mentioned views. I made a ton of photos of Carrizo Badlands, and very few of the actual Domelands. :) Well, another reason to return another day…

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