Doors and Windows

Once in a while, something rather different comes together as I’m browsing my archive in the (never-ending) effort of cleaning out the vaults. This time, it’s photographs old doors and windows. Old things attract most photographer’s eyes I think, with the stories they tell, through textures, rust, and patina. It was fun to compile these! And now I’m glad that I’m done with them. :)

The last one has a bit of a special meaning to me: it’s a door that I walked through, countless times, in my childhood. It’s the west entry to the extensive park of Nymphenburg palace. When I visited my sister in 2019, as part of my Germany trip, we went for a walk there on the day of my arrival, hoping that the fresh air and exercise would help me to quickly overcome the jetlag. :)

The sight of this door brought some of those childhood memories back, when we lived in the neighborhood of Pasing, and often rode our bikes there — never interested in the palace of course, only in the park and its surrounding grassy meadows, where we flew kites and sometimes small model airplanes with rubberband “engines”.

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11 thoughts on “Doors and Windows”

  1. Love these! That snake on the door barred speakeasy window, I’m stealing that. Going to use it as a model for a door on our house :) See you soon to take advantage of more of your inspiration.

  2. I miss those rubberband engine airplanes. :-) I love how collections like this can follow a simple theme but still contain a great range to the work. And this is a reminder to spend a little more time keywording to make creating these sorts of collections just a touch easier than it could be.

    • Those airplanes were fun, weren’t they? I mean, the sheer concept, from today’s perspective where you want everything to be in control… twist that rubber for an eternity, and then just let the thing go, watch and hope that it wouldn’t land in a tree, or across a fence and out of reach! xD

      • I really enjoyed the gliders, as well. But there was something special about the wind up ones. Perhaps that extra level of change introduced by winding the rubber. Such fun memories!

  3. Kids today might receive a rubberband plane with slight disappointment it is not a drone. :) But it might also be a lesson to appreciate the simpler things. Nice collection indeed.


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