With my images, I try to create decorative objects based on photography. They are free from depicting reality (some more, some less). It is important to me that those who view and buy my photography understand that. Quite naturally, an image with colors like these is also a “crowd pleaser”, but I think no serious artist’s primary motivation is to create works for the sole purpose of pleasing an audience.

Images like these need time to ripen, they must pass my personal test of time before I’m willing to show them to the public. Sometimes it’s easy and doesn’t take long to make that decision, sometimes it takes weeks, months or even a year until an image grows on me. This particular work sat on my hard disk for almost three months. In the initial excitement, it is often too easy to get carried away, and yes, I’m guilty as charged. But I went back to it yesterday, and I’m still happy with it’s appearance – so here it is…

Colorful photo of an Engelmann Oak
Dreamstate — Engelmann Oak Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve West, San Diego County, CA. April 2013.

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