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Duck Lake

Duck Lake is an astonishingly large high alpine mountain lake, at an elevation of over 10000 feet (3000 meters). The hike begins at the far end of the Coldwater Creek Campground south of Lake Mary as an uphill walk through the woods, past Skelton Lake and Barney Lake, before it climbs up through a talus field to Duck Pass.

From there, the trail connects to the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trail, but just as usual, the reliable appearance of yet another thunderstorm made us turn around in the early afternoon. This time it was overcast early on, and the limited range of colors made black & white a quite natural choice for these photos. I hope you like them.

I cannot resist to point out that it is the Sierra Nevada, or if you must, the Sierra. There are many sierras (the word means “mountain range”), but only one Sierra Nevada (the “snowy mountain range”). Saying “I’ve been visiting the Sierras”* is not logical, and does not compute. :) Whenever I see California’s Sierra referenced as “the Sierras” or “the Eastern Sierras” I cringe – but not just that! A cute little kitten dies a cruel death when you say or write “Sierras”. So don’t do that, please. If not for me, then for the kitten! Have a heart!

*) The correct response to such a statement would be: “how cool! which ones?” ;)

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