Evening at Mono Lake (3 photos)

We ended the second day of Eastern Sierra trip at Mono Lake. We began the day with a morning walk to McLeod Lake, but I didn’t feel compelled to make any landscape photos there (Shuwen has some nice photos). We had lunch at the apartment in Mammoth, and then drove to June Lake. Shuwen wanted to explore a trail there. When we arrived, I realized that I had left my camera bag in the apartment. Glorious!

From the June Lake area we drove to Lee Vining, for an early dinner at the famous Whoa Nellie Deli. From the restaurant (at the Mobil gas station on Tioga Pass Road) we went to the vista point, from where one has an unobstructed view of Mono Lake with Negit and Paoha Island, from a little bit higher up. I used Shuwen’s camera to make another panorama – it’s just too irresistible! (the older one from last year is here: Paoha Island Panorama).

Mono Lake Panorama from the vista point near Lee Vining, California. September 2016.
Alternatively, for mobile/small screen devices, click here to open the original file directly (4666×800 pixels)

We then continued to the South Tufa area at Mono Lake – people were just leaving and we had the place to ourselves! It felt almost strange after last year’s weird experience.

We watched the stars come out and made some night photos. The first photo is a straight exposure, the second one is light-painted with a flimsy LED flashlight (I adjusted the color balance of the foreground in post). I think I like the time past civil twilight best for “night” photos – at least at these elevations… there’s still a hint of light on the landscape to work with, and so many stars are visible already!

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  1. I did some night shooting at the South Tufas a few years ago. While minding my own business, I had an owl quietly fly overhead then swoop down to attack me before he realized I was too big. There have been only a few times in my life I have been so surprised/scared.

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