My Favorite Photos of 2013

2013 was an exciting year with a lot of travel and activities – so much that I just couldn’t limit my selection to a “Top 10”. It ended up being a “Top 13” of my favorite photos, instead. With the trip to Taiwan in March and the two West Coast trips in May and September, as well as my growing fascination for the desert, I ended up with 80 images that I gave my highest rating in Lightroom (my photo management software), and it was really hard to pick only these few photos!

Anyway, here they are. Please click on a thumbnail to open any photo larger (and continue browsing in slideshow mode if you wish — I added some extra information to the individual images, and it’s visible only there, in the slideshow). I hope you like my selection, and that the images transport some of the fascination and excitement to you that I felt for these special places when being there and making the photos.

All these images from the past year are still relatively new and “only recently made” for me – it’s almost impossible to let go of the personal emotional response to them, and thus probably feeling tied to them for the wrong reasons. :-) So this is, just like in the previous years, a personal selection of favorite photos that reflects which places and landscapes resonated with me the most in the passing year.

These photos are dedicated to my wife, without whom none of them would have been possible, ever. Thank you Shuwen – I love you. Thanks a lot also to all friends, fans and buyers of my photographic art, your support and feedback is always highly appreciated. I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2014 with health, luck and prosperity.


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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Photos of 2013”

  1. Fabulous images, as always – thanks for sharing them. I hope 2014 brings you many opportunities for more travels and photogenic moments!

  2. Almost every photo made me say: Wow! It’s a great selection, they are all superb photos. And thank you delivering a deeper insight into the background and origin of each photo. I really enjoyed viewing this collection.

  3. Great collection of images Alexander! I think the very first one (Sheep Tank I) is my favourite. I like how the look of the rock mimics the flowing water that shaped it.


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