February News

February was a short month but filled with wonderful photographic activities. Here’s my monthly summary with all things new and different on my website and around my photography. Some blog posts from February are still missing at this point and a couple of January photos also still need to be published, but otherwise I’m pretty good at keeping up right now. :-)

I’d like to reflect on the most memorable photographic outings from February here:

Here’s the archive page with all blog posts from this month: February 2017.

Photo of the Month

My photo of the month is from the February afternoon visit to Torrey Pines Extension when it was in dense coastal fog, mentioned above. This was after sunset, it’s a 4 second long exposure, and I’m looking south-east here. Without the fog, this wouldn’t be a photo I’d make at all because I’m looking towards the junction of CA-56 and Interstate 5 in Sorrento Valley here. With the fog though, it’s a dream…

Torrey Pines and moon in fog at Torrey Pines Extension, Del Mar, California, February 2017.
Torrey Pines and moon in fog at Torrey Pines Extension, Del Mar, California, February 2017. Please click on the photo to open it in my store, where prints and greeting cards are available. My photo of the month selection is permanently priced lower than my regular prints!

Portfolio Additions

Some fresh additions to my portfolio galleries, yay! The following galleries have been updated, with the photos below: The Veil (fog photos in color – the photo of the month appears there too of course;-), Dead Trees, Chromasea (seascapes in color), Tabletop Tide Pools. I hope I didn’t miss any! :-)

Blog Archive Additions

I’ve been catching up with my processing and decided to date the blog posts with older photos back to when I actually made the photos (including January 2017). It’s part of my “new approach to blogging” that I mentioned in January’s summary post. In addition to January, I’ve also discovered that I hadn’t processed any photos from November! Post-election paralysis… :-/

So if you’re following via email, you have not yet seen any of the posts below. I know it’s a big list this time.

First hike to Love Valley (6 photos, black & white, January 2017), Del Mar Mesa in black & white (8 photos, January 2017), Lost/Anonymous in Fog (4 photos, color, January 2017), Scripps Coastal Preserve Knoll (3 photos, color, January 2017), Always Hospital Point (2 close-ups, 3 seascapes, color, January 2017), White Pelicans at Lake Hodges (2 photos, color, November 2016), Returning to Corte Madera Peak (7 photos, color, November 2016), Leitgeringer See (3 color photos, July 2009, Germany)

Photo Archive Additions

Here are some photos which I added to the site that do not appear in any blog posts, only in the archives:

That’s it for February. With all the rain we had, Spring is going to be epic. I’m sitting at home, chomping at the bit, hoping the trails will dry out and vegetation springs to life in the back country. Toni and I need to hike! :-)

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