February Refresh

Hello to another monthly update and summary on and about my photography, this website, and whatnot. :)

To begin with, I’m happy to report that two of my images from the Algodones Dunes series, “Crossroads” and “The Inner Sea“, received honorable mentions in the Monochrome Awards, an international, juried black & white photography contest. I took part in the Landscapes/Amateur category and there have been plenty of honorable mentions – I guess it was one of the more popular categories. Considering that the entire contest received almost 7000 entries, being included among the selected photographs is an honor and makes me happy.

Next, there have been additions to the following portfolio galleries: Flowers & Plants in Color, Hillsides, Wandering through the Fog, Coastal Close-Ups, Forest, Waters of Color, Fleurs En Noir & Blanc, Dunes – yep, that’s plenty of images to browse… but wait, there’s more!

Coast Live Oak and Castor Plants, Del Dios, Escondido, CA
Wild Green — Del Dios, Escondido, CA.
New in the Forest portfolio.

Creating archive blog posts brought forth the requirement for archive pages that can be browsed. I’m still in the process of creating and maintaining them (especially adding more/better keywords to the photos…). You can browse what’s already there by selecting a page from the new “Archives” entry in the menu bar, above. Please allow a little longer loading time for those pages – the Desert archive alone contains well over 200 images already, to query the database for keywords and render the images takes a moment.

Post archives – those of you who follow me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook get notifications for these in your Newsfeed/Stream. And there have been plenty. :) Yet been more archive entries to the Cardiff By The Sea series, for example. This brings the total number of posts from that spot to over 30 now! To some this may begin to seem insane for sure – I like the documentary nature of such long-term “projects” (it never started out to be a long-term project, it just happened to become one).

Further additions to the post archives include posts from Germany and Austria, dating all the way back to 2007 when I first began using a DSLR camera. You can have a look at my photographic history! :) The Escondido archive also becomes worth browsing. I’m building more archives, and will use these monthly summary posts to announce them when there are a couple of interesting posts to browse.

Last not least, I realized that the “Floral” portfolio category was not listed in the menu – duh! It contains “only” four galleries but they were pretty well hidden! Please have a look. :)

That’s it for now. See you around!

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