February Wrap-Up

February was a fairly slow month, photography-wise. I didn’t make a lot of photos, and for a good part, it was because of the weather. Seriously! It was probably the hottest February on record, which limited hiking (especially with a now older dog), and those who know my preference for clouds and overcast days can easily imagine that the bleak and featureless blue skies didn’t really help either. From a photographic perspective, this weather sure is depressing!

Photo Activity

One of the highlights was discovering the hummingbird nest in our lemon tree. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for hummingbird mother and her baby), the nest is relatively high in the tree and pretty well sheltered – I get exactly one angle from where I can make photos. :-)

Other than that, I really enjoyed my early morning visit to South Cardiff State Beach and the tidepools at Tabletop Reef, and a photo-morningwalk at Black Mountain where I managed to get some good detail photos of chaparral plants (I have yet to publish them).

I’m hoping to get out more in March!

Site Changes

I’ve made a small change to the presentation of the blog posts. The image & gallery posts are now a completely separate entity, and not included in the list of all blog posts anymore. Other posts (like this monthly summary, more technical or photo-philosophical articles) are available separately. The “Blog” menu items on the site reflect that change. (for fellow WordPress users: my theme offers this separation by post format straight “out of the box.”)

Blog Archive Additions

Beutelkopf seen from Sonntagshorn, above Heutal, Unken, Salzburger Land, Austria
Beutelkopf 2 — Heutal, Unken, Salzburger Land, Austria. November 2008.
One of the many archive additions that I managed to get done in February. Link to the blog post with all images below.

My limited photo activities left me with time to work on my archives and I’ve managed to review and re-process some old photos. Quite happy with the yield – here’s the complete list:

And that’s it for February. The weather forecast mentions rain in the next 10 days. Potentially even a lot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, we badly need it and I need some real clouds for a change – my eyes are sore from all the sun! ;-)

Thanks for reading and following, and stay tuned.

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