The Fifth Word: Lonely (Serene)

Finally! I’m concluding my “Five Words” (to describe my photos) series with the last entry: Lonely. Actually, I was going for “Serene” but Shuwen said a while ago: “Gee, your photos are all so lonely! Who would want to hang that in their home?” – and I thought: YES! Good! Because to me, “serene” and “lonely” are often the same thing, so both words fit equally well.

Morning Fog at Lake Hodges, San Diego, California, United States
Morning Fog, Lake Hodges, San Diego, CA. August 2011.

The absence of people and/or loneliness is a good thing to me. I’m an introvert. I gain strength out of being alone, and while the desk with the computer, photos to work on, coffee and some good music is a pretty good place, being outdoors is far, far better. There are days when I just can’t ignore the need to get out and be “away from it all” any longer. On such days, the – compared to Germany – low population density* of California is a blessing.

That’s also why the desert is so appealing. As soon as you hike out a little bit, chances that you run into other people are relatively low. The more popular places may appear “crowded” on the weekends when there’s 5 or 10 cars parked at a trailhead, but that’s just no comparison at all to Germany and Austria, with the huge parking lots at the really popular places, like Königssee for example.

And if the desert is not an option (because it is at least a 1.5 hour drive) to disappear for a while to recharge this introvert battery, there is fog, to disappear in, to hide, and to reduce the surroundings and the landscapes to what is visible within a couple hundred yards (meters), to tune out all the complexity, to reduce places to their essence, to what simple things the fog leaves for us to see with our limited human vision. And the ocean, of course: waves washing onto sandy beaches, and crashing onto rocks, drowning out all human sounds with their constant rushing. And the dense riparian woodlands and the chaparral hills, with little trails meandering through them. And the rolling hills in the back country with their open spaces, dotted with trees and boulders… and… and…

Some more photos that are serene/lonely for me below:

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*) California covers a larger area than Germany, but only ~30 million people live in California, whereas 80 million people populate Germany.

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  1. I would love to hang one of your beautyFULL ‘lonely’ works in my place. I feel at peace when in nature. Bless you O:-)O:-)O:-)

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