First Snow at Reiter Alpe

It was time to head back down into the valley after my second night at Neue Traunsteiner Hütte up on the high plateau of Reiter Alpe. The rain that had only stopped long enough for a meditative photography stroll through the high alpine forest on the second day had continued over night and eventually, as temperatures dropped, turned into snow. It wasn’t much thankfully, and a nice sight in the cool light of dawn actually, when I opened the blinds of my chamber (first photo below was made from the window).

Florian and his father Simon, whom I had chatted with the previous evening, originally had hiked up to the hut on a different route, the so-called Wachterlsteig, while I chose Schrecksteig. They were a bit concerned about the condition of their trail with the snow and at breakfast, asked me if I’d be willing to take them to their car if they’d hike down with me on the easier and less steep Schrecksteig instead – which wasn’t a problem at all. My plans would take me to the town of Berchtesgaden anyway, right past the “Schwarzbachwacht” parking area where they had left their car.

After breakfast, we packed our things, put on our warm clothes, hats and gloves, and began to traverse the high plateau towards Schrecksattel. The clouds obscured much of the higher peaks and landscape. Once we left the high plateau and lost elevation, the light snowfall turned into a drizzle, which thankfully stopped soon. It also got quite a bit warmer and we began to shed some of our layers as we continued downhill.

It was nice to hike through the transition from snow-dusted high alpine landscape into the warm colors of the autumnal forest, which the photos below hopefully illustrate. On small-screen devices like phones or tablets, you can just scroll down. On larger screens, you may also click on any image to open it in the slideshow gallery view – for the best effect, I suggest switching your browser to full-screen mode (Windows: F11, Mac: ^⌘F).

This article was added to the site in July 2020 and later dated back to the day when the photos were actually made.

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  1. It is beautiful – and how different from our own Sierra Nevada. The picture of Watzmann in the early morning light (Home is Here) is really beautiful as well.


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