Flower & Plant Sampler 1/2020

Here is a collection of a dozen flower & plant photos from the last couple of months, made in the desert and the coastal foothills & inland valleys of San Diego County, around our home.

I’m particularly happy with the Eriogonum deflexum (the blue is a result of the plant being in the shade, of course) and the Psorothamnus emoryi – I guess if I compile a flower & plant portfolio for 2020, those two are going to be part of it.

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9 thoughts on “Flower & Plant Sampler 1/2020”

    • Thanks, Gary! That’s an interesting pick. I included that photo primarily because the flower hadn’t grown so tall yet, showing the leaves – later on it’s quite difficult to photograph them nicely. :)

  1. The first photo isn’t really chaotic at all, with all the repeating patterns – it’s fantastic. The Polypody is very nicely framed between the rocks and what a great Claytonia picture! We have lots of that here. I’ve read that it’s pretty good as a salad herb but you need to pick it before the flowers open – too late this year! No wonder you’re pleased with the Indigo bush photo – it is stunning! The colors are perfectly delicious looking. The Prickly poppies are very nice, too. What a great time you must be having! .

    • I knew that Claytonia was good as a salad herb but I never tried it, and didn’t know that it needs to be picked before the flowers open – interesting! :) Thank you very much for taking the time at looking all of these so thoroughly, Lynn!

  2. I too really like Eriogonum deflexum! An abstract looking image. I think I like Mirabilis laevis var. retrorsa second. Very diffeent than our Wild 4’Oclocks which are bright pink. All lovely images. The Dodder one is quite interesting, I have never seen it so profuse.


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