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Flowers around the house

It’s always good to have a macro lens when you feel the itch to work the camera a little bit but the timing isn’t right, or the sun is shining bright and the weather is just too “meh” to make other photos. Focusing at macro distances is always a challenging exercise outdoors (translation: pure luck and “spray and pray” as soon as it is just slightly windy;-).

These three are not wildflowers, they’re ornamental plants, non-native, planted in our complex to make the ‘burbs pretty. I’d much rather see more native plants instead, but then the gardeners and landscapers wouldn’t have nearly as much work. ;-)

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4 thoughts on “Flowers around the house”

  1. Alexander! Long time, no see. I saw this image on Explore (Flickr) this morning and was excited to see it was yours (I think it may be St. John’s Wort, by the way). I quit Flickr when they got rid of the google tie-in, but I still like to look at the Explore photos. I also loved your b&w dune shots. I’m going to see what else you’ve been up to. I have some galleries on Google+ now, I’ll see if I can send you an invite.

  2. You’re welcome. I only know because I took a shot last June that was not quite as macro and it looked just like that. My wife told me what it was and I remembered because I like the name.


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