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Flowers From The Vault

These photos of flowering herbs and shrubs in Germany and Austria are all from my archives, found during my ongoing efforts to “clean out the vaults“. They’re old photos, but I have never shown them before. :)

Just today I read that the Russian minister of foreign affairs, while in talks with his Ukrainian counterpart, in Turkey, couldn’t even commit to establishing a safe corridor that refugees may use to flee their own homes and Ukrainian cities. Human lives are being traded and discarded with words, incompetence, cowardice and lies.

I hope that I won’t be misunderstood here, but I felt, just for myself, that some beauty is needed, to balance the gruesome images and news out of Ukraine. Whether it really works I don’t know: the state of the world right now really gets to me. The helplessness as people die and flee while politicians talk without results and bombs keep falling and tanks keep rolling is cause for a deep, seething anger inside of me. I have no words for how disgusted I am by this war.

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8 thoughts on “Flowers From The Vault”

  1. I’m with you on the state of the world in general and the events in Ukraine especially. Your flower images are quite beautiful! I enjoyed seeing them today very much and they brightened my day.

  2. This is a surprise! ;-) My favorite hands down is the Opium poppy. I love your Astrantia portrait, too. That old-fashioned flower used to grow in several gardens I worked on when I had a gardening business. Your photo is beautiful. Then there’s the poppy petal closeup…and even the Bistort. They always strike me as silly in a sweet way. I guess that’s because I introduced Joe to them in a public garden when we were first together and he couldn’t stop riffing on the name.
    As for Ukraine, when I looked at the NYT front page today, one story after another about the war, all surrounding a photo of a dead soldier in a casket with mourners around him – I felt sick and teared up. I was at a bookstore so I wandered back into the stacks. That didn’t work. I had to leave. We need air. We need beauty. And an end to mad dictators.


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